The innovative on-line payment solution

WP&Co is the co-developer of the official MANGOPAY payment gateway plugin for WooCommerce. Effectively bringing the magic of MANGOPAY to WordPress.


Find it here in the WP plugins directory.

This state-of-the art payment solution supports credit and debit card payments in a dozen currencies worldwide. It also allows for payments by bank transfers via IBAN/BIC.

Harness premium features of MANGOPAY

The powerful third-party wallet management features allow for escrow and automatic commission management. Funds can then easily be split between the marketplace operator and the sellers. After the order is completed, the money can be automatically wired by bank transfer to the vendor.

The official MANGOPAY for WooCommerce plugin

A long support history

Back in november of 2015, MANGOPAY commissioned the lead developers of WordPressAndCo to help them develop their official WooCommerce payment solution. This dedicated checkout gateway implements the wallet management API, dedicated to WooCommerce-based marketplaces.

WooCommerce is the leading e-commerce platform for building online businesses.

MANGOPAY is an inovative end-to-end payment technology for online marketplaces and crowdfunding.

The WC-Vendors (free) plugin was then chosen as an official platform to develop MANGOPAY-enabled community shopping sites based on WordPress and WooCommerce technology.

Promising developments

Since then, WP&Co has worked on porting the MANGOPAY payment gateway to WC-Vendors Pro, and then to WeDev’s Dokan. Dokan is the other leading marketplace solution on WooCommerce for quickly setting up online shops. This port is available through a separate add-on (beta version, not officially supported by MANGOPAY)

Pro-level customization services and support

WP&Co provides full customization services to MANGOPAY-based WooCommerce sites, and a professional-level support. Please do not hesitate to contact us for quotes regarding any customization work needed on the WooCommerce platform, or if you need pro-level support.

Pro-level support for MANGOPAY+WooCommerce marketplaces is available for a flat monthly fee. Contact us for details and prices.

If you are here because you need to create a WooCommerce payment plugin, be assured our team specializes in WooCommerce payment plugin development, so please feel free to contact us with your requirements.

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